Ms. Pantelli’s Class

Ms. Pantelli’s Class here is a site that will help you with your keyboarding skills.

Writing Contest Topic: Bullying


Bullying  is a major issue in schools at in life.

In a written piece write what you think about the problem of bullying in school.

Here are some questions to consider when writing your piece:

Why you think people choose to bully other people.

How would you personally handle it if someone bullied you?

What can teachers and students do to stop or lessen  bullying in their classrooms?

Do you think parents can help? What about counselors?

Writing should be at least 2 paragraphs, typewritten or neatly written.  All entries must be handed in by 10/10/14

There are 10, and 5 dollar prizes for the best written pieces.

Ms. Kellie’s class, ABC

Star fall

Ms. Roche’s class all about Elephants.

Elephant Movie On Brainpop

What do you know about Elephants? First blog here what you know about Elephants. Then watch the Brain Pop movie and tell me what you learned.Elephant-elephants-28788752-1024-768


What if ….

can-stock-photo_csp3309591Governments decide what behavior is acceptable for it’s citizens. They put rules into place to keep it’s citizen safe and country running smoothly. What would happen if their were no rules or laws. Do you think laws are necessary for a group of people to survive and even Thrive. Give me your opinion in no less than 5 sentences.


Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.

9780142408810Blog a short paragraph about the first Chapter? In the story tell Who are the Characters? What happens to them? What do you think will happen next.

To help consider these questions:

Who is Peter?
Where did Peter get his turtle?

. Who is Fudge?
3. How old is Fudge?
4. What did Peter’s mother think of Peter’s Turtle?
5. What does Peter’s dad do for a living?

Mr. Mac. & Ms. Dimeo September 11th Lesson

Blog at Least 10 sentences of what you have learned about September 11th.

Then come up with one question you have about September 11th.

Be thoughtful in your sentences. They can be fact or opinion.

Your question should be be a “hot” Question.

Ding A Ling By Bernice Myers

We read a book Called  DING A LINGphoto about a girl named Olivia and her dog Sandy.

Olivia rings the bell   when it is time to feed Sandy.Bell-icon

Press here to hear his bell…..


Press here to hear a school bell School_building

Press here to hear the Ice cream bell


Can you Name some other places that Use Bells.


Click Here to play a game about another Dog Clifford the big dog.

What is a Citizen?

Brainpop movie

Blog answer to the following questions?

What is a citizen?

What is a responsibility?

What is a Leader?

What is a right

Name one responsibility of a citizen?


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