Anne Frank post below

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Test post see post below

Anne Frank

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Write a short summary of the Anne Frank  Brainpop Movie here. Include important  details from the movie.

Brain pop Anne Frank 

Write to Jane Goodall

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 Post a birthday message to Jane Goodall here

Write a Birthday Greeting to Jane Goodall

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We collectively wrote and virtually sent Jane Goodall 40 birthday greetings. I received a reply in my email thanking us for being part of Janes 80th birthday settlement.  She is an amazing women still working at the age of 80 to make life better for chimpanzees, animals and all of us.

Test post

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Write a summary of what we just read AND WATCHED

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Using evidence from the brainpop movie on the text we read on the  Holocaust write a brief summary telling what the Holocaust. Include when it took place, who was involved. What happened? Tell what Genocide was.

How long it went on etc..

Letter writing

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Parts of a letter

Use the above link as a reference for writing your friendly letter.



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