The first Amusment park in the was Bakken Bakken, located in Klampenborg, north of Copenhagen (Denmark), opened in 1583 and is currently the oldest operating amusement park in the world.


Bakken, located in Klampenborg, north of Copenhagen (Denmark), opened in 1583 and is currently the oldest operating amusement park in the world. The park claims to have over 150 attractions, including a wooden roller coaster built-in 1932.

In medieval Europe, most major cities featured what is the origin of the amusement park: the pleasure gardens. These gardens featured live entertainment, fireworks, dancing, games, and some primitive amusement rides. Most closed down during the 1700s, but Bakken is the only one to survive.

The Story goes that in the town  a natural spring popped up. What is spring? Spring is when the table of rock below the ground is saturated with water (think of a sponge completely soaked) the ground is so filled with water that the water seeps through the ground. Here is a link that tells you in more details what a spring is.’

Here are a picture and diagram of a Spring.

So a  spring popped up in this little town near Copenhagen in Denmark. People who need water to live were attracted  to the Spring. Soon people and entertainers, dancers, musicians, clowns,  people selling things, and even people who created fireworks displays set up their entertainment near the spring.  Eventually, this became a place people went to have a good time. This spring was on Royal lands and at first, this place was only for rich people who were friends with the king. But after 1612 the place of amusement became open to everyone. This place still exists in Denmark and is a free amusement park. They still have the same clown Pjerot who has been the clown of the park since 1583  for 437 years.




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Let’s Enjoy Coder’s choice today!

Here are some links from the December Hour of Code. There are many links to try. Some work on Ipads and some work on Computers. Some you have to download apps and some you do not. Choose one or two and have some fun coding. Today is about having fun. All I ask is you leave me a comment telling me what you tried. Tell me if you liked it or did not. Try as many things as you like and they can be things you have done before. If there is a particular coding game you would like me to teach tell me that. Here is the Link Please today have fun.


Screen Casting Example

 click on this link

Thank you Google Doodle project Lesson 1.

Today lets just take a look at some of the funtionality of Scratch using the Gooogle Doodle.

1st sign into Scratch

2nd Then come back here (once you have signed in you find your sign in Google classroom under this lesson, everyone’s password is the same lowercase – ps373r)

3rd Now go to this link pick up the Google starter Template.

.Now Lets try to do some things using Scratch coding.

Typing Practice Monday!

Hi Guys hope you had a good weekend. Well with all this remote learning I bet some of you have found that you have one problem you Type Too Slow. Let us take today to practice our typing skills. Here is a website that is great for incresaing your speed typing.

Coding Vocabulary

  1. Bug: An error, or mistake, in the code that prevents the code from working as expected
  2. Debug: The process of finding and fixing bugs (mistakes) in the code so that the computer program will run as expected
  3. Code: The programming language that humans create and use to tell computers what to do

Read theses definitions Put each word in a complete sentence. Use capital letters to start your sentence and don’t forget to put a period at the end of the sentence.

Light Bot

Light bot is a coding platform that builds your skill in creating logical algorithms in a series of code. can be done on an iPad, tablet, iPhone or computer with (flash in browser) on a laptop or computer
Today, we are going to be playing a puzzle game called Lightbot. In Lightbot, there is a robot
and he lives in a world of square tiles. The goal in each level is for Lightbot to light up all the
blue tiles in the level. However, Lightbot does not understand something as complicated as
saying “light all the blue tiles”. Instead, he does understand a basic set of rules. Display the
following to students.
An arrow icon tells Lightbot to move forward one space.

A lightbulb icon tells Lightbot to light up the tile he is standing on, all the blue tiles need a light see the attachments
You are all going to play Lightbot and try to beat the “Basics” level set. To control Lightbot you need to give him a set of instructions, called a ‘program’, to run. Once you press the green play
button, Lightbot will perform all the instructions in the program one at a time. If he makes a mistake, you will then have to tell Lightbot to go back to the start, and afterward, change the program to give the correct instructions.
Lightbot knows a few more instructions that will be introduced to you as you complete more levels.
You can access Light bot here on the computer of below download the app on a tablet. or phone
Or you can download the app here:

If Links do not work search for Lightbot on your computer or Apps store.

Ms. Creamer’s Class

Let’s work on Minecraft Adventurer. We will start by writing algorithms. After level 5 you will begin to work with one of the flow control structures Loops are repeated lines of code. A computer programmer who needs to use the same lines of code many times in a program can use a loop to save time.

So rather than writing moveforward 4 times as in (movefoward, movefoward, movefoward, movefoward ) you write (4x movefoward).

Much easier. Loops are one of the main ways coders orgaznize code with out Loops we would not be able to write code as it would take too long to write most codes.

Here is an example of a Loop in MIne craft Adventurer

Here is your login use the dog as a password.

Answer this question in the comment section below. What are Loops in code and why are they important?

I will check and see how far you got you can also ask questions here in the comment section.

Dance Party Coding Mac

Dance Party Coding.
Let’s revisit Dance Party Coding on Code.or

Login here using the Penguin picture and your name

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Personal Hero Project

In these times while we are all home staying safe just the action of staying home can be considered an act of heroism. Staying home could save lives. Let’s pick up our Personal Hero project in scratch. First, think of someone you know in your life who is a hero to you.  People who are helpful, caring, kind, generous, honest, brave, compassionate, loving. People who care about others and think of them before they think of themselves. 

Choose someone who you know who is a hero to you. It could be your mother, father, brother, sister. It could be your friend, or babysitter, or Aunt or Uncle. It could be your grandmother, or grandfather. Someone who you think is a hero. Watch the movie here below then login into Scratch and for the next couple of days we will do the hero project together.

First watch the movie below. 


HERO STARTER PROJECT Click on the below link and choose your charcater and background. Remember to login into your Scratch account first.

Super heroes