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Mr. Mac and Ms. Dimeo’s Class: The most important issue!

Here is your assignment read the list of important issues that Ms. Cunningham and Ms. Coppollo’s classes came up with. Choose one or two to write about, be thoughful and organized. Tell why you think this is one of the most important issues in our state or world. You are of course allowed to come up with your own issue if it is not represented on the list. We will make podcasts of the best written pieces and post them here. Click on my picture to here a podcast of this

Download the most important issue worksheet by clicking here = most-important-issue-worksheet.doc

Our List of Important Issues!!Great Job Ms. Coppolo and Ms.Cunningham’s class

The assignment was two fold: 1. Download the document from our blog 2. Discuss with our partners what you think the important issues are in the upcoming governor’s election.
Both tasks were done superbly!
Here is the list of things you identified as issues that concern you as citizens of New York State.
I must say I was impressed. Very thoughtful and creative. Great Job all around.
elections_2006.gifclick on the picture to listen to our list

  1. An emergency evacuation plan that works if we get hit by a hurricane like Katrina or another disaster.
  2. Crime, all kinds of crime organized crime, white collar crime and street crime. ( We had a thoughtful discussion on how these different types of crime ruin everyone’s life)
  3. Gun control, some felt it is still too easy to get a gun. Tighter laws and less illegal guns on the street.
  4. Education, school must be better, more money getting to schools and training teachers better.
  5. Budget issues and taxes, people pay too many taxes and the tax dollars are not well spent.
  6. Illegal Drugs are still available on the street. This causes crime and kills people.
  7. Globalwarming. We need a cleaner source of energy other than gas that does not destroy are environment and cause the icecaps to melt.
  8. The elderly, older people cannot afford to live after they retire. We also need good nursing homes that people can afford.
  9. More places for kids to play in like parks. Kids get into trouble because they have nothing to do.
  10. More support for poor people. This relates to the next item on the list.
  11. More good jobs available in our state.
  12. Affordable Health care for everyone and better hospitals, emergency rooms are terrible places.
  13. More police on the streets to make people safer. (by E. Steele From Mr. Ferrarnini’s class)

Link to Podcast (RSS feed) for this blog

Today we will identify important Issues in the New York State Governor’s Race.

Click on the document and download it. Discuss with your partners or group what you think the important isssue are. Fill out the issues that you decide are important and print.


New Link For us to learn about the Candidates!

I was reading the article on John Faso in Wikipedia and found this link called, New York Elections. It seems fairly good, gives information on all the candidates and the issues.We will read about Mr. Faso on this link, rather than the Wikipedia Link. Our first assignment this week is to pick a candidate for governor and write a letter to him explaining what issues are important to you. To do this we will have to review the how to write a proper letter and be informed on the candidates and issues. We will use an online application called Letter Generator to write our letters and learn about the parts of a letter.

Next week I would like to turn some of the better letters into podcasts that we can post on the site.

(Click on Mr. Faso picture to go the the site)faso_2006_9.jpg

Daily News Article on Eliot Spitzer

Our very own Samaria in Mr. Mac’s class shared this article on Mr. Spitzer with us. It is from the Daily News Thanks Sam.

Pop quiz for Spitzer

How deep will the city have to dig
for school funds? We need his answer

Eliot Spitzer is promising to finally settle the school funding lawsuit that has been hanging over New York for 13 years now – and deliver billions more to New York City’s schools.
What’s more, the Democratic front-runner in the governor’s race claims he can resolve the No. 1 headache facing state government without raising state taxes or shortchanging schools on Long Island or upstate.

But Spitzer is ducking and dodging on a crucial question: How much, if anything, will the city have to shell out to clean up Albany’s mess? He owes the already overtaxed voters of New York City a clear answer.

Spitzer has twice told the Daily News Editorial Board that he expects city residents to absorb part of the financial hit from the Campaign for Fiscal Equity lawsuit. What he did not say is how much.

“The … reality is that the city will contribute its fair share,” he said in July.

“You have a city contribution,” he said this month. “That is, I think, something most people understand should, must be part of this. I don’t want to quantify that right now.”

These statements should send chills down the spines of city residents. Spitzer estimates the settlement will ultimately cost between $4 billion and $6 billion a year. Even a small fraction of that amount would add substantially to the city’s tax burden, which is already among the heaviest in the nation. Before New Yorkers cast their ballots, they have a right to know how much more weight Spitzer would place on their shoulders.

When Spitzer says “most people” understand the city must pick up some of the cost, he really means most people in Albany – where pols are predictably eager to shove responsibility onto others. Mayor Bloomberg certainly isn’t on board. In a brief to the state’s highest court last month, his administration argued compellingly that the state should pay every dime.

Corporation Counsel Michael Cardozo cited the Court of Appeals’ own landmark 2003 ruling, which found that Albany’s education budget had systematically shortchanged city schoolchildren for decades, violating their constitutional right to a decent education.

“The court should … ensure that the state does not defy its constitutional obligations yet again by literally passing the buck to the city,” Cardozo said.

City officials point out that taxes and mandates imposed by Albany already handicap the city’s economy. Plus, city residents and businesses supply about half of the state’s revenues, meaning they will pay more than their share of any settlement even if Albany writes the check.

If Spitzer has a convincing rebuttal for any of these arguments, he hasn’t supplied one to date.

Republican candidate John Faso, meanwhile, has been even more evasive, questioning the court’s authority to meddle in budget-making. He has a point, but it’s too late to make that case. The Court of Appeals has found a constitutional violation, and it’s the governor’s sworn duty to set it right. Asked for a real-world plan, Faso says he would focus on making sure existing education dollars are “spent wisely.”

That answer isn’t good enough, and neither is Spitzer’s. It has been 13 years since the lawsuit was filed, and three years since the high court demanded action. It’s long past time for men who would be governor to hand in their homework.

Podcast of Wikipedia Article On Eliot Spitzer Part 1 Click On the Picture to listen.

Eliot Spizter Candidate For Governor

We have read the article on Eliot Spitzer who is running for governor in the 2006 elections. Reread the article and listen to a podcast of the article by yours truly. After you listen write a few sentences on what you learned about Eliot Spitzer. Include at least 5 facts. You can also give opinions you may have formed about Mr. Spitzer.

2006 ELECTIONs (MOCK) AT 373

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Well Here we go again, another election season at P373R. This year Mr. Ferranini’s class will host our mock elelction for New York State Govenror and U.S. Senate. Election day will take place on Monday, November 6th. The candidates are Eliot Spitzer and John Faso running for New York State governor. ( click on the pictures of the candidates to read about their lives as politicians on Wikipedia.)

180px-new_york_state_seal.pngClick on the New York Sate Seal to read about the Gubernatorial election.

We will also be voting for U.S. senators. This years candidates are Hillary R. Clinton is the incumbent, 180px-hillary_rodham_clinton.jpg and John Spencer is the challengerportrait_small.jpg

Here are some other useful links to read about the candidates. John Spencer

Hillary Clinton Eliot Spitzer John Faso

I would like the classes to put out a small information pamphlet for the school about each candidate by 10/15. We will design future assignments together. I would also like to post some podcasts at our podbean site on the candidates.

Good Job On Creating a Del-ic-ious Link

Your game links site is up and running. All of my classes did a good job creating there first social bookmark. Here is the link to it, (link) and it is bookmarked on the side of our blog under Our Delicious Links.

This is a very powerful tool.  The use of tags makes it easy to find other sites that are related to what you are interested in.  We will use it other times this year to create topic related lists of bookmarks. In a few words just tell me what you think of our new tool del-ic-ious. Did you find it easy to use? What other kinds of Del-ic-ious list do you think you might like to make.

Well isn’t that de-lic-ious!

What is delicious? Why chocalate chip cookies of course! chocolate-chip-cookies_small.jpg What else? This cool new tool we will learn how to use today to save bookmarks and our favorite places. Here is a link to a site I made on del-cio-us. But What is  delicious well is a site that you can organize your websites on the internet and access them from any computer you go on.  You give websites tags  to organize them. If you want to see my delicious tags here is the address : ,

just lots of boring teacher stuff. What did you expect? I am afterall a boring teacher.

Now for todays project, here is our site Once you get to it bookmark it on your computer.

Then I will give you the password to login now look for game sites that you like to go to, and you know are safe, check with me if you are going somewhere we have never gone to before and book mark them or post them to delicious. Now all these sites are bookmarked for you to go on and tagged by name in your list so that you can find them easily.

Have fun. Once we get the hang of it we will do our project on 9/11 bookmarks.