2006 ELECTIONs (MOCK) AT 373

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Well Here we go again, another election season at P373R. This year Mr. Ferranini’s class will host our mock elelction for New York State Govenror and U.S. Senate. Election day will take place on Monday, November 6th. The candidates are Eliot Spitzer and John Faso running for New York State governor. ( click on the pictures of the candidates to read about their lives as politicians on Wikipedia.)

180px-new_york_state_seal.pngClick on the New York Sate Seal to read about the Gubernatorial election.

We will also be voting for U.S. senators. This years candidates are Hillary R. Clinton is the incumbent, 180px-hillary_rodham_clinton.jpg and John Spencer is the challengerportrait_small.jpg

Here are some other useful links to read about the candidates. John Spencer

Hillary Clinton Eliot Spitzer John Faso

I would like the classes to put out a small information pamphlet for the school about each candidate by 10/15. We will design future assignments together. I would also like to post some podcasts at our podbean site on the candidates.

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