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Voter Turnout: Why is it important to vote?


How many people percentage wise do you think voted in the last presidential election?

Do you think it was 90%, 85%, 70%? Remember the problems we are having, we are at war in Iraq, we have an energy crisis, terrorism is not under control, and many other problems. I think given the state of our world we can all agree the last presidential election was very important. I am sure you have heard many people criticize George Bush, particularly after Hurricane Katrina. Yet in light of how serious our problems are how many people do you think voted in the last election? If you said 90% you would be wrong, if you said 85% you would be wrong even if you said 70% you would be wrong it was less than 55%, about half of all the eligible voters bothered to vote.

(Click here to see source of data )

Think about that number 55%, about 5 out of 10 people bothered to go and vote for the most important position in the world, the United States President. Where were the rest of the eligible voters?

Writing assignment: Write a one page persuasive essay on why you think it is important to vote. You can use current issues like the war in Iraq, disaster relief , crime, global warming, gas prices etc… to make your point on why voting is so important.

There will be prizes for well written entries, and of course we will pod-cast the best entries. Deadline is friday Oct. 20th.

Here is an on-line tool from that will help you plan and write a persuasive essay called the Persuasion Map
Good luck