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As We get Closer to Election day…

Take About 5 People with you and VOTE!


That was the title of an Article in Time magazine about how important voter turnout is to win an election. The article says this is the Republican strategy to win big in the 2006 elections. So they are telling their fellow republicans “take about 5 people with you and vote”.

Now the republicans want them to vote republican.

I, we ( my students ) don’t care which way you vote. However we think that is a great idea.

Go in a group, have a voting party. I think my classes should co-write a letter to their parents, trying to get them to organize “voting trips” with their friends and relatives.

So here is our assignment let’s write a letter encouraging them to vote in the 2006 elections. We could suggest websites where they could get info on the candidates and then make their choice and vote. Once we like our letter we will publish it here as a pod-cast and print it out for our kids to take home and distribute.  You can blog your suggestions or write and print out your letter using Letter Generator. We will combine the best ideas from everyone’s letter into a letter we can send home to your family. ?