More Podcasts and MLK Finally Gets His day on the Mall

(Click Here to listen to a podcast of this post)

We are not yet finished posting our podcasts on the Election. Here is another from James in Mac’s classvote-1.jpg.

Now for the announcement of the memorial on the Washington Mall for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.kingjrbk02.jpg
Here is the link to read the TFK article lets read it and leave a comment on their site. Then I want to begin an on-going discussion about civil rights in the month of December. I want to start it but I very much want you, my students to take it and make it your own. We will need to look at just what Civil rights mean in our world in the U.S. and maybe other places. If what I am saying seems vague in a way it is. I don’t want to tell you what I think, but have you do the research and decide what civil rights mean to you.

Anyway we will let the discussion unfold. Here is the link:,6260,1558797,00.html

Just read the story, leave a comment, and begin to think about MLK and just why he deserves the same honor as Washington and Lincoln.

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