Ruby Bridges


In the Movie Ruby Bridges, many of the protestors outside her school were hateful, what was Ruby’s reaction to their hate?

Describe your reactions toward people who are hateful.  Evaluate your reactions in your writing.  If your reactions need improvement, tell how you could change.  Discuss the end results of making wise choices.

One response

  1. sammat

    ruby reactions was praying for them every day she used to go to school scared they thrented to poison her food and they spat at her her mother delt wih the promblem well ruby did to i hope that ruby as ruby got older she enjoyed her life i felt bad real bad for her i hope anything she want or wanted she will get if i can i would give her anything i really would i wish her the best of the rest of her life

    February 10, 2007 at 1:13 pm

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