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Announcing Our New Search Engine

Custom Search Engine click here Listen to the Jingcast here


The Fire Station On TumbleBooks

Listen to the Book Tell what Happens in your own words.

Author: Robert Munsch
Illustrator: Michael Martchenko


1 What happens when the kids visit the Fire Station?

6+1Trait Wrting – Trait Organization Jing Cast

Some people would be wonderful writers if only they would organize their ideas.

We write to communicate, to tell some story or opinion or set of facts. Some writers have great stories, or facts or opinions but they do not take the time to organize them.


Simply stated a written piece has a beginning middle and an end.
Organization is the structure of a piece of writing, the structure of the writing is built on the foundation of central idea. Organizational structure can be based on comparison-contrast, point-by-point analysis, development of a central theme, chronological history of an event, or any of a dozen other identifiable patterns. When the organization is strong, the piece begins meaningfully and creates in the writer a sense of anticipation that is fulfilled. Events proceed logically; information is given to the reader in the right doses at the right times so that the reader never loses interest. Connections are strong, which is another way of saying that bridges from one idea to the next hold up. The piece closes with a sense of resolution, tying up loose ends, bringing things to closure, answering important questions while still leaving the reader something to think about.

Fire Safety

What have you learned about Fire Safety?


We are building our own search engines in google. Why build your own search engine? You have to understand how search tools work; after all search engines “interfere” with information in a myriad of ways in order to try and make it more relevant to the searcher. If you use Google or Ask .com you get too many varied results. If you create a search engine, you can choose which sites are searched for information and get more directly related information.

To create one all you need is a google account. Here are two created for this schools so far. I would like to see more specific ones created by kids as well.

Ms. Gunderson Created one click here to see it, and I have been working on one for the older grades, click here to see it.

These are general search engines if you have a site that you think should be included blog it here and I will check it out.

“I have a dream” by Eric Metzgar

We are reading the biography ” I have a dream”, by Eric Metzgar.


What has happened in the book so far?

What experiences with segregation has Martin had that will shape him in the future?

What have you learned about King in the book that you did not know?

Do you like the book thus far?

Fire Safety

Go to this link and explore

USFA Fire Safety for Kids

Blog three things you learned about fire safety.

January Writing Contests: Deadline 1/25/08

This month in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday we are accepting written pieces on three people:

1. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr


Research Dr. King’s life and write a piece about him.
Your piece should include all/some of the following points:

* Where and When Martin Luther King grew up, what was the world like he grew up in (the segregated south)
* What strengths Martin possessed in himself (what type of a man was he?)
* What kind of a family did Martin come from?
* How was the Church important to Martin and how did it help him accomplish the great things he did.
* What were some of Martin Accomplishments?
* What did Martin Change in The United States?
* How important was Martin to ending racism in our country?
* Do you think we still have problems with racism in our country?
• If you answer yes to this how can we change it?

2. Rosa Parks and the history of the Montgomery Bus boycott.t012714a.jpg

• Who were Rosa parks?
• Where and when did she live?
• What were the laws on buses in the segregated south?
• What was the boycott?
• What was life like in the segregated south?
• How did the boycott change segregation?

• Give details, how long did it last?
• How did the African American Citizens travel?
• Who was the leader of the boycott?
• Talk about how this little boycott changed the law in the United states
• Why are Rosa Parks and this boycott important in our history?

2 “Ruby Bridges”

Write a short review of this movie.

* Tell what the story was about. (What happened in the story? {Plot}

* When and where did the story take place? (Setting)
* Tell what you find important about Ruby’s story?
* What does it mean that schools were segregated?
* At the time how did the white citizens feel about integration (African American and white students attending schools together)?

• How did Ruby’s African American neighbors feel about Ruby attending a white school?
* What was life like for African Americans at the time (1960) in the south?
* What was special about Ruby?
• What was special about her family?
* What do you think got her through her trouble?
• How would have you reacted if you were she?
• Would you have been afraid or angry?

Fire Safety


Ms. Leston and Ms. Pantelli’s class our working the topic of fire safety. We are searching for good information on fire safety  that we can share with the school and publish on the internet.

We have several films on fire safety we will be viewing.

To start share What you already know  about fire safety.

Great Site for Election 08′