And the December Winners Are….


Dashay Scott with Story # 1 A Very Special Christmas in New Brighton.”

Prince with Story # 4 ” Santa and the Motorcycle Gang”

Tony Olivio with Story 6 “A trip to Rockefeller Center”

Melvin Tamba with ” How-weird the Reindeer”

Khalil Thorton ( who submitted 3 entries with ” Lucas the Snowman ”

Malikhai Horne with # 19 “Sad Christmas in Baltimore”

One response

  1. jonathan villaunave

    i thaning that dr’king is a grat man a grat inspierationtion to blaks and whits.
    he was an god man and a very respect man.
    he leard to thak thaning sireisly kig was a will dressed man an leard.
    kig is the most respect man how aver lived.
    he did in 1968.

    January 8, 2008 at 2:15 pm

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