373R’s Basketball Game

P.S.373R’ Basketball team attended their first Basketball game on 2/1/08 in Brooklyn.

If you played on the team please write a piece on the Experience and we will publish one article from all of them.

Here are some details you may need:

The school we played was in Brooklyn on PS369, Date Feb 1st, The students who played on the team numbered 8. Henry Smith, Kflores, Malakhi Horne, Alvin Bestman, Vincent Martino, Desmin Ortiz, Tyrell, and Melvin Tamba.

Remember the six traits of writing: Ideas, Organization, voice, word choice, conventions, and presentation.

5 responses

  1. I remember when we first walked in their we were scared. We saw some big kids. When we got their we had a practice first. When we were practicing I made 2 three pointers. We watched their practice and I thought they looked kind of wacked. They kept missing every shot, they were double-dribbled,then I felt less scared.
    When the game started I missed a wide open shot, but I was doing some good passing. Malakhia made a 3 pointer, Henry Smith made a 3 pointer. The other team was no match for us. They continued to double-dribble. The final score was 13 to 6. The other team did not take it so well, they were upset they lost. I had great day, we had pizza, and Çarvel ice cream. I am looking forward to our next game.

    February 8, 2008 at 11:32 am

  2. We went to Brooklyn and play 369K. They were not that much competition to us. We got off the bus and the team was scared. I was not scared. We went into the Gym and Practiced and Alvin wore my shoes,their my Michael Jordan shoes,

    February 8, 2008 at 11:39 am

  3. vincent martino

    To me the basketball game was scary at first because we were walking into a different school in brooklyn with bigger kids that were saying that they were going to beat us. Then when we got on the court they quit because Malakhi and Henry Smith and kevin were making 3s and me and Tyrell and Melvin were sticking defense and rebound. There was a HOT GIRL and she was cheating for her school by not putting down all of our points but at the end the other school were fighting with each other because they were all hogging the ball so they quit. We had pizza together and when the teacher turned the lights off and put a movie on I took my chair and ran next to her then everybody got next to her and then she got up and moved her seat. Now it was time to leave and we got on the bus and came back to our school. When we got on the bus we screamed ” We won ” we were so happy but we did not do that in the school because we did not want to hurt their feelings.

    February 11, 2008 at 11:46 am

  4. kevin flores

    When me and Vincent martino and Henry Smith and Malakhi Horne and tyrell and alvin bestman and malvin tamba and desmin ortiz went in the school and we saw kids was taking alot of shit and we did not care what they was saying we just shut up we did not say nothing and we was look in the classes and they was taking alot of big shit then they took out some kids and we played them we was and we was wining it was like six to one and then the big kids came in and we had to go one the other side in the middle we was wining and they started getin mad so theywas missing shoot so they got mad so they took they took a timeout so they was done so we shook hand and they said good games because they gave up because they was not scoring so they gave up and we won and then we went down to the class room and we ate pizza and we talk and watch a movie and we had fun and in the class room there was a cute girl. Everyone was feening for her. We took pictures and I had fun. When we got on the bus we all screamed We won. We were so happy and Mr. Jay askedthe bus driver to stop near carvel so Mr. Jay can get us icecream. I can’t wait till we go play basketball again!

    February 11, 2008 at 12:00 pm

  5. Malakhi.H

    when we went to the basketball game in Brookyln P.S.369@ I.S.117.
    When we walk into the hall they was popin junk so we ignore them,they got the teams and they was bigger than us even m so we loned it.Me,Kevin,Vinny,Henry.S,Alvin,Desmin,terrel,and Melvin we wasnt worrid because we had a good team like the best kids in our school asep for a couple of people like nayquan henry.m and other good players but theres always next time Mr.J said e had fun on the trip we hit a couple of 3 pointers and lay-ups.Our team had like 15 points we did not know what was the score the girl was cheating for her school but we was winning anyway 15 to 6.We had to swicth courts becausse regulaur Ed was coming and that was there peirod so we swicth but some of our players did not like the court cause it was no nets and the other court had nice nets and a nice back board
    as we was leaving to eat pizza they huddled up and i think they gave it up at like 2nd quater we went down stairs it was a lot of students in hall ways ang goin to other class.We wacth a movie called Barnyard and our class had like 2 to 8 pizzas desmin had 8 he had the most we was all laughin and all that we had soda we all shook hands and we was out of there hen we got on the bus we alll was cheriing that we won all loud and joking we had ice cream and i wanna thank Mr.jacobson for takin us on the trip hope we do it again thanks!!!!

    February 11, 2008 at 12:01 pm

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