Charlotte’s Web by Ms. Rugerio’s class

Ms. Rugerios Class began reading Charlotte’s Web last week and they like the book so much they intend on creating an charlott.gifIMovie based on the story for our June 13th Film Festival Yesterday they came by the lab and talked about why they like the book, who is their favorite character and so on.

Justin R. says ” I like the book because the pig, his name is Wilbur is a very funny character. He makes you laugh. I like him because he is kind of silly.

Tony O’ says ” My favorite character is Templeton the rat. He is sneaky and he bites. Templeton took the gooses egg. He seems smart.

Zion tells us why he likes Wilbur ” I like Wilbur because he cries alot and he needs help. You just have to want to help him”

Oche says ” I like Charlotte because she is great at spinning a web and she becomes Wilbur’s Friend. She seems like a good friend to have.

Tyrrell says” he likes the people in the book especially Fern and Avery. I like Fern because Mr. Zuckerman was going to kill the runt pig and she saved his life and named him Wilbur.  She is very kind. I like Avery especially when he tried to catch Charlotte and fell in the pigs trough. He was funny.”

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