Ms. R’ Script for their Charlotte’s Web movie.


Our class is going to make an Imovie on Charlotte’s Web. We have been reading the book for a couple of weeks and decided to do a movie about the book.

This afternoon we got together and wrote this as a beginning.

Chartlottes’ Web Script draft 1

Charlotte wants to write terrific on her web.

She wants Mr. Z and avery to like the pig and think that the pig is terrific . Charlotte doesn’t want the pig to die.

On a farm farmers Kill pigs to make food (meat, bacon)

Charlotte and Wilbur became very good friends.

In the story, Wilbur learned from the goose that he was going to be eaten.

Wilbur was sad and upset and Charlotte said she would protect him.

That is all we have so far, Friday we will write the beginning of the story.

by Justin, Oche, Tony, Tyrell Zion

Part 1

One morning on the farm Fern said to her Dad Don’t Kill the Pig!!!

She persuaded him not the newborn runt pig.  Fern was angry was fighting with her dad.
Her dad was holding an ax  and was the ready to kill him . she grabbed the ax she saved the pig

Now she had to take care of the pig she fed the pig with a babies bottle that her mother gave her .

Fern named him Wilbur.

2 responses

  1. women could not get the right
    to vote until 1920 . black man vote before women. but women still won the vote. women stay and the house pluming . they had to get fewer children. more women was geting educated

    March 27, 2008 at 1:27 pm

  2. why the script of willbur is not here..

    December 14, 2009 at 7:49 am

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