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What do you think of Blogs in the classroom?

Well Stuff From room 311 has been visited over 30 thousand times. Impressive. We have been blogging quite a while here in room 311 , and it seems like every month a new blog comes along in our school.

Tell me what you think of blogging? Do you like it? Why? What do you think is important about it? Do you prefer to write on a blog, rather than a piece of paper. How do you feel about having a wider audience reading your work.? Do you like that your lessons and your work are accessible at all times, even at home?

Would you suggest other teachers use blogs with their classes? Would you consider starting your own blog?

Write all about blogging.

The Presidential Election 08′ What do You think is Important?

Write a few  sentences about what you think  are the important issues in the in the Presidential Election 08.

Perhaps you think that the economy,   jobs, gasoline prices, the war in Iraq, green energy,  education or many other are the most important issue for our country.  Tell why you think this issue is important and what you would like to see done about it.