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Last Night In L.A.

By Melvin Tamba & Tyrell Howard

Lakers come up with an 89 -85 win. They had the luck of the Irish last night in L.A.. In the 3rd Quarter they were down 65 -45 and the came back with a 20 -7 run at the end of the third.

Kobe Bryant had 27 points and 9 assists.

TIm Duncan and Kobe Last Night at the Dance in L.A.

The Spurs held a 72-65 lead at the end of the third quarter, but the Lakers, and Kobe had gained the momentum and the crowd was back into the game.

It ended up Lakers had won even though they had a terrible start. Phil Jackson did a good job switching up the lineups to pull out the win. We told you we needed a good bench, and the Laker’s bench was just good enough to pull it off.

Looks like Phil Jackson is working on his 10th Championship ring.

Next Game is in L.A Friday Night!