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Gas Prices All Over the World

Gas Prices have risen sharply in our country in the last 2 months. The price of gas and what candidates intend to do about them is a major issue in the Presidential Election.

Take a look at other countries gas prices and you realize the price of oil at $136 dollars a barrell has affected the price of gas all over the world. Looking at the map answer the following questions

1. How much do we pay in the U.S ?

2. What country pays the least for Gasoline?

3. What Country Pays the most for Gasoline?

4 What is the Average price in France? Britain?

5. What Country is paying $11.29 a gallon?

6. Find a country in South America on the Map, How much are people in this country paying for gas?

7 What country pays the most tax on Gas?

8 What country pays the least tax on Gas?

9. What do drivers in China pay for gas?