Writing your Narrative.

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1 The point of view in narrative is usually first person. The use of “I” invites your readers into an intimate discussion.

2.The story should have an introduction that clearly indicates what kind of narrative essay it is (an event or recurring activity, a personal experience, or an observation), and it should have a conclusion that makes a point. For example my Name is John Smith, I am 80 years old I was a slave on a plantation in Georgia.

3. The essay should include anecdotes (stories that make your point). The author should describe the person, the scene, or the event in some detail. For example: We worked everyday for about 16 hours a day. I picked cotten since I was 8 years old. It was hard work. We worked all day in the blaring sun, back breaking work …….

4 Remember you are an ex slave, so you want to give your reader an idea of what that was like, so research a little if you have to if you pick cotten, know what that was like.

5. Make sure you check spelling , and grammar know when to use a period, capital letters, commas, question marks, ect….

Consider the following questions:

# where did you live, State,?

# did you live in a slave cabin or in the Masters house?

# what job did you do, tell how hard it was and what you did?

# what was the food like?

# how did you feel?

# were you ever beaten?

# were you always afraid? were you angry?

# did you try to run away?

# Did you escape on the Underground railroad?

# How did you feel when you heard about emancipation and the fact that all slaves were now free?

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