For Ms. Caputo’s Class Who is Reading The Diary of Anne Frank!

Miep Gies one hundred years old!

Miep Gies at 97

Miep Gies at 97

Amsterdam – January 2009 A tribute to Miep Gies Miep Gies at 97 years old. Miep Gies at 97 years old. On 15 February this year, Miep Gies reached the venerable age of one hundred. She celebrated quietly with family and friends. Miep is in reasonably good health, and remains deeply involved in keeping alive the memory of Anne Frank and spreading the message of her story. She still receives letters from all over the world with questions about her relationship with Anne Frank and her role as a helper. Below are some links to pages on our website with more information on the key role that Miep Gies played in supporting those in hiding in the secret annexe, and in the

One response

  1. chanelle unjeria johnson

    it was a beautiful story, and i loved and now miss reading it sittting in that class

    October 25, 2012 at 3:56 pm

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