President’s Obama Is a Believer in Persistence

I was watching President Obama’s news conference last night and he talked about many of the problems he is struggling with, the economy, health care reform, peace in the Middle east ect…

The one thing he said that I wanted to share with my student’s is he said he is a big believer in persistence. What is persistence? Persistence is I think as President Obama meant it the quality of not giving up. If you want to learn how to read, you keep plugging along, you try everything to reach your goal. Don’t do one thing, do ten things. People who are successful are persistent. They do not give up and try many strategies and ways to solve their problem. Even when it looks as if it cannot be solved. Good advice from our President.

How persistent are you? Do you give up too easily? Maybe you could be more persistent in your daily life in order to solve your problems, and make your life better.

Click below to see him talk about how he feels about persistence.


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