At this time in Frederick Douglas’ life he starts going to Anti slavery meetings with the famous abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison. Garrison encourages Douglas to speak about his life as a slave.

The audience loves him. He is a great speaker. It so powerful to hear a real ex slave tells this story. Douglas starts to give speeches with Garrison at all the anti-slavery meetings.

Finally he writes a book about his life as a slave. In the book he gives out details about his life and whom he belonged to. This puts him danger. People decide to arrest him and make him a slave again.

He has to run away to England. In England people love to hear him speak. He is a celebrity. He returns to the United States 2 years later when his friend have saved enough to purchase his freedom from his master.

When he returns to the United States he begins to work very hard to abolish slavery. Upon his return several things happen in Douglas’ Life he parts ways with Garrison and starts is own Anti slavery Newspaper the North Star.

The North Star is named after the North Star in the sky that so many slaves have used to navigate their way to freedom. His newspaper is a success and it makes him even more famous.
He also meets the radical abolitionist John Brown; Brown is a white man violently against slavery. He believes in fight with guns to end the evil of slavery.
Brown and his sons plan a raid on an Arsenal at Harper’s Ferry where the U.S. Government keeps many guns. His plan his to kill the soldiers, steel the guns and take them to slaves in the south so that they can runaway using the guns against their masters.

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