Harriet Tubman Script Continued.

The North Star

Slaves that were ran away at night so that their owners could not find them. This made it very difficult to find their way. They used the North Star, the brightest star in the sky, to navigate their way to the north. It was very frightening for slaves to run away.

Harriet finally reached  the Pennsylvania and the Anti -Slavery Society.

Here she met a free black man named William Still. Still was doing a very special job on the Underground Railroad he was keeping track of every runaway slave that came through his office. Still kept great records and is one of the reasons we know so much about the secret underground railroad.

Now that Harriet was free she wanted freedom for her people. She knew how hard it was to be a slave, to be whipped she did not want this for her family.

Harriet hears her sister is going to be  sold south from the plantation where she lives. Being sold south was a death sentence, the work was very hard in the deep southern states, and to runaway was almost impossible it was just too far from the northern free states.

Harriet decides she is going to become a conductor on the Underground railroad. This was unheard of. When slaves ran away to freedom they never went back. It was too dangerous.

But Harriet, was special. She was determined that her family and others would be free.

Now that Harriet was free she told William Still ” I am getting my family out” She planned on making sure her family was free in the North.

You have to understand how dangerous it was for a runaway slave. They could be put to death if they were caught. Harriet was very brave, The first person that Harriet brings to freedom was her sister. She traveled back down south to the plantation where she  had lived,  disguised as man, walks right past her master, and then helps her sister escape.

Wow.  Harriet was unselfish and brave. very brave.

Harriet does this 19 times going back down into slave country,  helping all her relatives and other people not in her family escape slavery. She becomes famous. They Call her Moses because she brings her people out of slavery just like Moses in the bible. She also because wanted by the law. She is now a fugitive with a 40 thousand dollar price on her head.

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