Immigration Script by Cunningham’s class

America has always been a nation of Immigrants. An immigrant is someone who was not born in a country. In our case America, an immigrant is a person not born in America.
When the first thirteen colonies were formed most of the Immigrants were from England.
But by the end of the 1800’s people came from all over the world.
Over 40 percent of all Americans can trace their roots to Ellis Island. More than 12 million immigrants passed through these doors. Among laborers , servants, peasants, and artisan. And each came to Ellis Island with the same home to become Americans .
Not everyone arriving in New York had to go to Ellis Island. Immigrants in first- and second-class were processed aboard their ships soon after docking on the mainland. Onboard exams were shorter than those on the island, since inspectors were more accepting of anyone who could afford the higher fare.

Why Did people leave their countries?

Some people left their countries because they did not want to go into military service. Some countries like Italy demanded 6 years of service of it’s citizens. People did not want to fight in different wars so they left.

In some countries like Russia people were not being treated fairly. In Russia the Jewish people were persecuted by the government. They were not allowed to get good jobs and sometimes were beaten up badly. This made many Russian Jewish people want to leave their country.

People left their countries because of famine. A famine is when a country does not have enough food to feed it’s people. In Ireland in 1847 we had a potato famine. The main food that the Irish ate were potatoes. The potato crop rotted and 2 million people starved to death. This is called Black 47. As a result another 2 million people left Ireland and came to America.

Another reason that people came here was the promise of getting rich. People were told “go to America and become a Millionaire.

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