Let’s write a paragraph a Week…. and record it.

Returning to School

Your topic this week is RETURNING TO SCHOOL. To get you started, jot some ideas on a paper first. You may make a list or create a web, your choice. These ideas should be what you thought about starting back to school, whether they were happy thoughts or thoughts that bothered you. After you have brainstormed your ideas, put them into paragraph form. Remember to indent your paragraph and check for capitals and punctuation.


1. ___ 4-8 sentences
2. ___ topic sentence, detail sentences, concluding sentence
3. ___ focus on ideas
4. ___ organize your paragraph Topic sentence, details sentence, concluding sentencne
5. ___ blog your paragraph here
6. ___ be ready to read your paragraph outloud.
7. ___ print out your paragraph and get ready to record it

One response

  1. robin

    how do i record my paragraph

    September 6, 2009 at 1:13 pm

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