Martin Pinzon

This article appeared in the Press on Columbus Day 2007


NEW YORK – They were co-pilots when Christopher Columbus sailed to the Americas in 1492, but unlike Columbus, they are not celebrated with a national holiday in the United States – at least not yet.

Two descendants of the brothers Martin and Vicente Pinzon say it is about time the pilots of the Nina and the Pinta -two of the three ships that were part of Columbus’ expedition – got equal recognition with Columbus. So why not celebrate Pinzon Day?

“I’d like to get the name recognized,” Bob Pinzon, 54, a descendant of the navigators, said Monday. “I think Columbus got too much credit.”

The Pinzons were brothers from a family of Spanish shipowners who sailed with Columbus, who was on the Santa Maria, on his first voyage.

But while Columbus is remembered for informing Spain of his discovery of the New World, Martin Pinzon, the pilot of the Pinta, is known for breaking away from the expedition near Cuba to search for gold and spices.

He tried to beat Columbus back to Spain to gain recognition for finding the New World but arrived too late.

His brother, Vicente, piloted the Nina, and remained with Columbus throughout the expedition.

So what do you think  should Martin Pinzon have his own day?

One response

  1. Aishah Bowron

    Yes he(Martin Pinzon) should. Christopher Columbus is a selfish bastard !.

    January 29, 2011 at 6:17 am

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