Why Colonists Settled in the New World

There are 3 reasons that people from Europe came to the New World.

1. To make money

2 to be free in terms of religion.

3. to work for other people as slaves or indentured servants.

There is actually a 4th reason: For Adventure.

After Christopher Columbus discovered the New World many Europeans followed. They wanted to claim the New World for their own  Cou country. Countries such as Spain, England, France, and Holland all began starting settlements in the New World. The first Settlements were by the French and the Spanish in what is now Florida and South Carolina. The First English Settlement was in what is now Virginia. This was called the Roanoke Colony started in 1585 by Sir Walter Raleigh.This colony did not survive. In 1590 Sir Walter Raleigh Returned and the only thing found was a sign with the words CROATION . No one knows what happened to the Roanoke colony Perhaps they went to live with the Croation Tribe. After a few years the colony dissappeared. The next English settlement was the Jamestown Colony also in Virginia

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