Start to Finish Book -Death At Jamestown

Notes from Chapter 1

The story starts aboard the Susan Constant two boys meet Jeremy a boy who’s family owns a shipping company, and Anthony a beggar boy from the streets of London.

The year is 1607 and they are both headed to the New World. The London company is paying for the voyage.

It is more than 100 years since Columbus “discovered” the New World for Europeans in 1492. Since that time, people from Spain, France and England have sent explorers to the New World ( North America and South America). Everyone wants a piece of the New World for themselves. The Spanish have started colonies in Florida and South Carolina. Also just like Columbus they are hoping to find a shorter way to China. This  time by finding a river that cuts through North America/South America and takes them to the Pacific Ocean and on to the Indes.

The English want to start Colonies as well. These two boys 15 years old we tell us the story of this Colony. So far we have met Master Wingate an important man from the London Company, and Captain John Smith, a soldier who gets arrested aboard the ship for mutiny. The charges are dropped. We also met his page boy Samuel, a boy some years younger than Anthony and Jeremy.

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