Holiday Writing Contest 12/17



Above are two story maps you can use to write your holiday stories.

Stories can be be fiction or non-fiction (true).

For example you could write a story about an elf (fiction) or you could write a story of how you spent the holidays last year.

They should be no longer thatn  1 page. Include story title, Authors name and class and grade.

Poems are permitted. Last time we had

Deadline is December 17th.

Goodluck to all my wonderful writers.

One response

  1. My Christmas

    Last Christmas my grandfather passed away.It was very sad and even though it was sad,Me and my family made the best of it.We had alot of presents and spent the whole day together,remembering old times and talking about how great my grandpa was.I will miss him alot this year but I will make the best of it because I still have my grandma,my mom and dad and my brothers and sister and they will make my christmas a nice one.

    Jose Soto

    December 2, 2009 at 10:58 pm

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