Boston Massacre

Event  The Boston  Massacre
Date March 5th 1770
On March 5th 1770 nine soldiers met  a crowd of angry colonists in the Street in front of the custom house. The Friday before 40 soldiers and 40 colonists had a big fight at a fisherman’s wharf. Everyone was still angry.
At 8’00 o’clock the colonists and the soldiers met again this time there were only 9 soldiers with muskets (guns), and around 60 colonists armed with sticks.
We know that one colonists  struck one of the soldiers down and he fired his weapon. We know that 5 other soldiers fired  their weapons. We know that 5 colonists died.
We have examined the facts of the case.  We know the Boston “massacre” was seen as murder by the colonists. The soldiers said it was self- defense.
Tell me what you think. Was it self defense or was it murder? Were the soldiers every really in danger, or were they wrong to shoot?

State your position first: I think it was Murder… or I think it was self-defense, then use the facts of the case to back this  up.

One response

  1. jabari

    the boston massacre happened on a friday night. there was a brawl between the red team and the blue team. The soldiers were the red team. The colonists were the blue team. The soldiers were outnumbered by the colonists. The soldiers fired their guns on the colonists; the captain told the soldiers not to fire again. I think it was self defense.

    May 20, 2010 at 11:16 am

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