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Jackie Robinson

Write 8 sentences  about Jackie Robinson’s life

Here are some details

Jackie was born in 1919 in Cairo Georgia

Jackie’s Father left the family when Jackie was small.

Jackie played all sports in Highschool

He went and fought in World II.

He Married   Rachel Robinson

He  went to UCLA and  played all sports

He played for  the Negro Leauges

Branch Rickey hired Jackie to play  for the Brooklyn Dodgers and break the Color Barrier

You must  segregation  was the rule in America


Boston Massacre

Write  at least 10 sentences telling me about the Boston Massacre

Tell me When It happened, Where it happened.

and what happened?

Tell whether you think it was murder or self-defense.

Talk about Paul Revere’s sketch of the massacre and any floors in it.

How did the Boston Massacre help start the American Revoluition?

Some Words you may need

Date: March 5 1770

Old Customs House on King street

Time eveninng around 8 pm

Colonists, soldiers, Brittish,  Captain of the guard, Fire bell, fight, rocks, snow ice  club, mob, musket, Crispus Attucks.

American Revolution

Use the above link to write 10 sentences about the American Revolution.

American Revolution

Write 10 sentences telling what you know about the American Revolution?

Here  is a link if you think you need it?

Washington Blog post

Write 10 sentences about George Washington.

You can use this link below to research.

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