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Ms. Bates Class’s Trick or Treat Rules

Make sure you wear a costume that fits and is safe.

Never enter anyone’s home while trick or treating

Walk on the sidewalk safely

Never go trick or treating alone. Go with an adult.

Be careful of lit Jack O’ Lanterns

Cross streets safely at the corner with an adult. Watch traffic closely

Don’t eat candy before your parents examine it to make sure it is safe.

Don’t eat too much candy or you may get sick.

Don’t Trick or Treat at night if possible.

If you have to go at night make sure you have something on your costume that is lit like  a glow in the dark bracelet, or reflectors, or even a flashlight.

Do not go down dark alleys or take shortcuts. Stay on the sidewalk


Halloween story contest and Links Here!


Some Links to help you write your story

1. story starter

2, Make your own story

3. Halloween story maker

4. Goosebumps

5. Wacky Tales

The Annual Halloween Story Contest

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Halloween Story Contest.

Deadline is October 27th, 2014. All stories should be blogged on this link. Or Type written.


1. Story should be original

2. Story Can be any genre you choose, scary, funny, realistic, fantasy, etc…

3. Poems are Welcome.

Stories will be judged in 4 categories and prizes will be awarded to:

  1. Most Original Story

  2. Best Written Story

  3. Scariest Story

  4. Funniest Story.

A separate award will be given for poems.

What wins this contest is good writing. An original story, clear and interesting characters, and good descriptive writing .

The winners and the best of the bunch will be podcast here.

Good luck.

Ms. B.

Happy Halloween Links

Here are some links for Halloween:


Coloring pages and Halloween stories