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Veterans day Writing Contest Vote here!

Here are my classes written essays on why Veterans Day is important. They are by number so you have no idea which students writing you are voting for! Please vote only once

Read essays here then come back and vote

Veterans Day Writing contest

The Question: Why is Veterans Day important ? How can we or you personally show gratitude to all those who have served their country. Download your writing template here and rubric.

Tell why you think Veterans day is important. Be specific. Make sure you site facts, and clearly give you opinion.  Make sure your writing has a beginning, middle and an end. All paragraphs should have a main idea and supporting sentences.  Good luck this is a contest and an assignment. You must produce a written piece, and it will be entered here in a writing contest.  Review the rubric to make edit your writing.


veterans day

Veterans Day

On Thursday November 11th Schools are closed for Veteran’s Day. Veteran’s day is a national holiday. This means all government officers are closed, as well as banks. We honor our soldiers who serve our country on this day. Let’s Learn a little about the History of Veteran’s  Day.

Writing Contest in My Classes

This is a mini contest that will conclude next week. Writing can be done as home work, but must be typed here by students.

The question:

Why is Veteran’s day important? How can we and you personally honor our Veteran’s

Holiday Card for our Soldiers

We are planning as a school to do a mass mailing to our Soldiers for the Christmas/Chanukah holiday. Deadline for Cards will be announced.

Homeless Veteran’s StandDown From 60 Minutes

History of Veterans Day From

A fallen Soldier