What we have learned about Martin Luther King Jr. so far by Class X01

The house where Martin Luther King jr was born and raised.

Our class is studying about Dr. Martin Luther King jr. Here are some of the things we have learned so far.  We read a story about when Martin was 6 years old. When he went to his friend’s house. His friend was white. His friend told him you cannot be my friend anymore because you are black.  He cried and went home and his parents told him about racism and slavery.Martin said he would hate all white people but his father told him no Martin you must love everyone.

The Shoe store:

When Martin was a little older his father took him to buy shoes. The salesman told him to go to the back of the store. That was where black customers were served. Martin’s father said no if you cannot wait on us up front we are not buying shoes, his father took Martin’s hand and took him out of the store.

When Martin was 14 he entered a contest for speaking. He won the contest he talked about segregation. But on the ride home  with his teacher the bus drive told him he had to give up his seat to a white person, at first Martin did not move but the bus driver started to yell and curse. His teacher said Martin we don’t want any trouble so lets give up our seats.This was segregation and this ruined Martin’s day.

Martin graduated from high school when he was 14 years old. Martin was very smart so he went  to college at that early age. He studied to become a minister. After he became a pastor he still wanted to go to school so he went up North to Boston University. In the north there was not as much segregation as there was in the south. But Martin learned there was racism in the north as well. When he called to rent apartments they would say it was available on the phone but when they saw he was black they would say it had already been rented. He knew they were lying. He knew this was racism.

In college Martin read about a famous man named Ghandi.

Mahatma Ghandi was  a leader in India. He helped India gain there freedom. He led his people to freedom using words of love and peace instead  of hate, guns and violence. Martin loved what he read. He wanted  to know everything about Ghandi. He thought maybe he could do what Ghandi had done in the United States. Maybe just like his father had said he could end all the racism and segregation in America through love.

In the next chapter Martin met and married his wife Coretta Scott.  He graduated from school. He got his PhD. which made him Dr. Martin Luther King jr. A church in Montgomery, Alabama offered Martin a job. The problem once again was racism. In Alabama there was a lot of racism and segregation. African Americans were treated badly. If Martin were to go there that would mean his kids would grow up with racism. This was a tough decision for Martin and Coretta. If he stayed in the North he would be much happier, but he would not be able to change anything. He had to go where the problems were. So Coretta and Martin went south to the church in Montgomery,Alabama.

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  1. amira simpkins

    Dr.Martin Luther king Jr. is my hero……

    December 16, 2011 at 1:56 pm

  2. i love it this that man is name m..l..k

    February 9, 2012 at 3:46 pm

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