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Brassfield’s notes Lincoln’s life.

Lincoln was born in Hardin county Kentucky. He was born on  Febru

ary 12th, 1809. Lincoln had an older sister named Sarah. He would

become the 16th president. He would evenutally be killed as president.

His mother’s name was Nancy Hanks Lincoln. His mother died from

Milk sickness. He and his family lived in a log cabin. His father was a man who

did not go to school,  he was a farmer.  His name was Thomas Lincoln. As

a child Lincoln lived on the frontier. The frontier was unsettled land in the United States.  This land  was a wilderness, survival meant that all of the families had to work together, trading, bartering  and helping each other  or they would die.

This made Lincoln able to work with other people, it made him a good communicator. He had to get along with his neighbors in order to survive.

He is considered one of the greatest U.S. presidents and is said to be the great communicator. He did not get to attend school because he had to work hard. He

taught himself to read. He loved reading. He would travel on foot for even miles

to borrow a book.He was determined to become educated.  Lincoln was not formally educated but he was self taught and he still learned.  This man Lincoln would become president when

the United states was divided by the issue of slavery. He would be the

president during the Civil war. When Lincoln was little his family moved

to Illinois. Lincoln had a very close relationship with his mother. She loved him

and encouraged him. He missed her when she died. He was only 9

years old when she died. Lincoln had a very hard childhood and in

some ways it made him who he would become.

His father Thomas did not believe in slavery and he did not like it either.

Perhaps this is why Lincoln also did not believe in slavery, Lincoln  did not

not get along with his father but they shared this belief.