Announcing the Ruby Bridges Writing Contest

Only for Ms.Bates class X01

Ruby Bridges Helped integrate schools.

Ruby Nell Bridges was born in New Orleans in 1957. New Orleans was part of the segregated south. In 1954 the law changed about schools, now schools could no longer be segregated, the law said , all public had to be open to all races of people.  When Ruby was 6 in 1962 she was one of the first African american students to integrate an all white school. How hard do you think this was for Ruby? How important do you think Ruby was to changing the way schools operated in the south? Tell why give details that support you topic sentence.

Example of a topic sentence:

In the south all the schools were separated by race, Ruby Bridges was one of the first to try and change this. I think this was very important  because. I think it must have been hard for  her.

There are 3 prize levels 1st prize

2nd prize

3rd prize

Deadline June 2nd 20011

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