Writing Contest Announced Frederic Douglas For Ms.Dimeo’s Class

Writing Contest on Frederick Douglass

Frederick an amazing hero!

Answer one of the two questions below

1. Frederick Douglass was a slave who became a freeman, and a world-famous writer and speaker (orator) . Analyze how Douglass life ( one of great success that brought the story of slavery to the world at large)  helped end slavery. The first question you answer is did Frederick Douglass life help end slavery? Tf so then analyze how? Give details from his life and knowledge of how 19th century people saw the institution of slavery, and slaves themselve.  Do you think Douglass life itself changed the way 19th Century people saw slavery?


Douglass was a runaway slave that became famous through his writing and eloquent anti-slavery speeches. He wrote 3 biographies that depicted the true cruelty of slavery. These books became bestsellers and world wide, and made Douglass a famous man.  His audience, the people who went to his speeches and bought his books were largely white. Tell me why literacy,( the ability to read and write)  was so important to Douglass’ quest for freedom? Remember it was illegal to teach a slave to read in 19th century America. Why is literacy so important to Douglass’ quest for freedom for all slaves?  How did Douglass learn how to read?  How did reading help Douglass escape slavery?   Finally again why is literacy, and his ability to speak with intelligence, clarity and power important to creating a portrait of all slaves as people.

This is a contest and there are Prizes!

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  1. Xena Q1
    Davon Q 1
    Kevin A. Q1
    Garrett Q1
    Kevin 1
    Steven Q1
    Angel Q1
    Kylik Q 1
    Chris 1
    Xerena Q1

    May 24, 2011 at 1:25 pm

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