Writing Contest For Ms. Captuto’s Class

We are announcing a writing contest for  Ms. Caputo. There are prizes.

Answer the question and give your opinion

1.Why do you think it was important that black troops were allowed to fight in the civil War?

2. Do you think the Emancipation Proclamation that lincoln signed freeing the slaves on Jan. 1 1863  led to the establishment of black regiments in the civil war? How important was this document on finally allowing African Americans to become soldiers?

  • Answer one or both of the questions in essay form.
  •  Length no more than 4 paragraphs
  • Identify your point of view and state it clearly in the beginning of the written piece
  • Make sure each paragraph has a topic sentence and the detail sentences belong in that paragraph.
  • This is a opininon piece back up your point of view with details .
  • Conclude (end) your piece with a paragraph that restates your main idea and clearly ends the piece.
For research  hear our some links
Jordan /1 /2 Joshua /1 Stephon / Jason 2  Yuhurn/1

Zihir 1/2 Mark 1/2 Deangelo 1/

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