Jane Goodall Writing contest!

We are continuing to work on our  film about Jane Goodall. We have designed our presentation templates for our writing piece on Keynote.  The sound track of our film has finished being recorded and Today we will begin our writing piece  The question we will be answering is about Jane Goodall as an animal conservationist

Level 1 Question is a fact question, this is something you can look up in the reading about Jane Goodall and get the answer to. For instance Did Jane Goodall dedicate her life to animal conservation? This answer is write in the text or films we have watched. This is a kind of look back question.

Level 1 Question:  Did Jane Goodall dedicated her life to animal Conservation?

Level 2 Question 

Level 2 questions are not as easy to answer they require the writer to give his

opinion or create an argument that he has to defend. These questions make the writer think about (analyze the facts: look at the facts and think about what they mean and interpret the facts: to come up with their original idea or  opinion on what they think these facts mean)

The writer looks at the fact and comes up with his/hers original ideas on the subject.. (The

reader must read between the lines for the answers to

questions on this level. (Meaning he must read the material and then 

think about what he has read and decide what it means.)

We can turn our Level 1 Question by Just adding one word?

Level 2 Question:

Why do you think Jane Goodall dedicated her life to animal conservation? Create a an opinion piece examining and analyzing the events in her childhood and early life in Africa, as well as the trend of  habitat destruction (destruction of animals natural homes in nature) and deforestation ( the cutting down of forests for farms and mining of metals). Tell why you think Jane became an animal conservationist? Support your point of view with facts and events from Jane’s life and experiences in Africa?

Today I want you to create a topic sentence for your answer to this question using the Topic sentence pool graphic organizer this class created by us last week


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