Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Quiz

Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling: Environmental Concerns

1. What does it mean if a notebook is made from recycled paper?

    • A) The notebook is made from inexpensive materials.
    • B) The notebook is made from nonrenewable resources.
    • C) The notebook is made from paper that was used before.
    • D) The notebook is made from materials that came directly from trees.

  • 2. What are two problems with throwing away trash?
    • A) pollution and creating traffic
    • B) pollution and using up natural resources
    • C) running out of space and creating traffic
    • D) using up natural resources and attracting animals

  • 3. Which is an example of a solid waste?
    • A) soil
    • B) trees
    • C) a tin can
    • D) polluted water

  • 4. About how much trash does a family throw away every year?
    • A) 3 pounds
    • B) 14 pounds
    • C) 200 pounds
    • D) 5,000 pounds

  • 5. Which is an example of a renewable resource?
    • A) oil
    • B) a tree
    • C) aluminum
    • D) a plastic bottle

  • 6. Why are materials like toxic chemicals and oil not allowed in most sanitary landfills?
    • A) They do not dissolve in water.
    • B) They attract birds and other animals.
    • C) They can melt plastics and other waste.
    • D) They can pollute air and drinking water.

  • 7. Which is one of the three R’s of solving the problems of solid waste?
    • A) reduce
    • B) resource
    • C) regulate
    • D) refine
  • 8. Using fewer disposable items can help to protect our environment from problems with solid waste.
    • A) true
    • B) false
  • 9. What is a way to reuse solid waste?
    • A) throwing a paper bag in a trash can
    • B) buying a toy with plastic packaging
    • C) breaking glass bottles into smaller pieces
    • D) using an empty milk carton to make a bird feeder

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