Timelines Continued

Getting Started

Before you start your research for your timeline project, be sure you understand the assignment. Has your teacher assigned a time period? Are there events you must include on your timeline? Do you have to choose your own time period? If you do, be sure to choose one that interests you. What you want to include in your timeline will determine whether you should do a linear or a comparative timeline. Once you are sure of your assignment, you are ready to begin your research. Lakewood Public Library has many resources available to you.

Sources to Help Create Your Timeline

There are many good books and Web sites you can refer to when constructing your timeline. Some sources contain a wide variety of topics while other sources deal only with one specific topics. Browse the lists below for some ideas or ask a librarian to assist you in finding the sources best for you.

Writing Your Timeline

After you have gathered your facts, you are now ready to lay them out in chronological order to create a timeline. At the beginning of your timeline, mark the starting date and what happened on that date. Next, go to the end of the timeline and mark the ending date and what happened. In between these dates, mark the other important dates and what happened.

Wrapping It Up

  • You can’t include everything that happened – choose what’s most important or interesting to you
  • Don’t forget to list an event for every date or time on the timeline.
  • You are the HISTORIAN – what you put on your timeline will affect how others view your subject
  • Step back from your timeline and ask yourself some questions about the timeline. For example: What does the sequence of events suggest about history? How did earlier events affect later ones?

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