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Ms. Cunningham & Mr. K.

Earthquakes Overview

What is a community?

A community is a place where people live and work. Here is a map of a

community In this map I see a school  a library, police station, a hospital, a fire startion  and a post office. I also see

houses where people live. What else do we find in a community?

Our school community is New Brighton. In our school community there is a fruit stand, Lets take a virtual walk down to our

community fruit stand on Google Maps.. 



Writing your introduction to your timeline

Navigation Button & Times on Timeline

Create folder and Word Doc For timeline project

Part 1 Using Keynote to make a timeline

Ms. Pantelli’s class

Choosing your first event for your timeline

If you created your folder then review Wikipedia’s time lin of evetns

for 9/11 choose one event that you want to start your timeline on.

then copy or type this event into your word document.

Here is the link

creating folder for 9/11 timeline




First log in through teacher.

Then Create a  Folder

1. Click on your desk top  go to file and new folder:
When they new  folder appears on the desktop click on the name and rename it

your first name last initial /timeline      Now open microsoft word and go to file and open a new blank document save it as your name/timeline files 
Got to file and save this document Now find the document on your desk top and drag it into the folder.