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Earthquakes: Read and answer questions


1 When happens during an earthquke?

2. Who invented the Richter Scale?

3. What does the Richter Scale measure?

4. What is a seismograph? What does the word mean?

5. What is the starting point of an earthquake called it is also where the shaking is the strongest?

6. What is the lowest and highest number an earthquake can be on the Richter scale?

7 What is the difference between a 7 and an 8 on the Richter scale how much stronger is the 8 than the 7?

Finishing up Timelines

In the next 4 weeks we will be finishing up timelines

Make sure you have an introduction written

A timeline with chronological times on it.

Events at designated times

pages that link to the events . A final piece will be a

written essay on the project. What you learned from our stude

and what liked that you did and what you would

do differently.