Introducing Charles Dicken’s and A Christmas Carol

To start reading and understanding the book  a Christmas Carolyou first have to meet the Author Charles Dickens. One of the greatest writers of all time. Here he is
He wrote this book in 1843 that is 169 years ago. Dickens was a writer who wrote book to entertain people but he also wrote to point a finger at how bad conditions were for the poor especially children . He wrote 34 books in total and much of the time the books though the most popular thing of the day they put a spot light on child abuse, child labor and the horrible poverty in a world where there were no social programs to help the poor .  At that time In England where Dickens comes from it was the Industrial Revolution which meant that there were factories, many of these factories employed children no older than 8. There were no laws to protect them in the work place they were often abused, worked 12 hours a day and for very little pay. Dickens wrote his stories to highlight just how bad conditions were and how this needed to change. As a matter of fact Dickens writings helped bring about the laws that would eventually protect children and the poor. There was also a terrible problem with homelessness, many people lived on the streets with no place to go, there were no homeless shelters to help these people.

In many ways it was also a crime to be poor, or at least the poor were treated like criminals. Charles Dickens himself had experience first hand with both child labor and Debtors prison this. When he was 12 his father went to a Debtors Prison Marshelsea conditions in this prison were so bad that  in 1729 that 300 inmates had starved to death within a three-month period, and that eight to ten prisoners were dying every 24 hours in the warmer weather one summer.  With his father in prison Dickens went to work in a blackening factory making shoe polish.  He worked 12 hours a day 6 days a week and 6 hours on Sunday. On Sundays he took the long walk over 10 miles to Marshelsea the Prison where his father was being held not for committing a crime but just because he owed money he could not Pay. This went on for 4 years. When Dickens became a writer he wanted to get people to think about the terrible way the  poor and children were treated. So he wrote his books

The story we will read is about a man named Ebenezer Scrooge who is very  mean very stingy and very ,very wealthy and does not care if others suffer so that he can be rich. This is a tale of a person changing . This is also a ghost story about how this man Scrooge was haunted by 3 ghosts who get him to see how hard life is for some in 1843 London, while others live in splendor. The 3 ghosts convince him that it is his job to look out for his fellow-man.  Lets begin reading.

Sidenote: The book is called a Christmas Carol and rather than in chapters it is written in musical terms the term

Stave is another word for the 5 bar staff music is written on  so this book does not have 3 parts or chapters but 3 staves.

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