What we know so far from our Book about Harriet Tubman

What we know about Harriet Tubman

We know that Harriet was born a slave in Maryland around 1820

We do not know the date because slaves birthdays’ were not written down

We know that Harriet hated being a slave.

We know she lived with her father and 10 brothers and sisters until she was six on a plantation in a slave cabin.

We know her father was free but her mother was a slave. In Maryland an african-american could be free not true of all the slave states of the south. It was also possible for a slave to buy their freedom from their master.

We know that Harriet went to work in the master’s house called the big house when she was six. Her jobs were to dust and take care of an infant at night. She was only six at the time. If she dusted wrong or if the baby woke night because she was not rocking the cradle she was beaten.

We know that Harriet got sick from all the work and had to go back and live with her mother to get well.

We know that now Harriet became a slave that worked in the fields and later with her dad who cut down trees for a living a very  dangerous job that only men usually did.

We know that when Harriet was a teenager she was in a general store and that another slave was running from his master who was trying to beat him. We know that Harriet got in the way when the master picked up a weight made of heavy metal and threw it as the slave.

We know that  Harriet was hit in the head and was critically injured. We know that she was unconscious for almost 2 months and had brain damage for the rest of her life.

We know this brain damage caused her to fall asleep all of a sudden and gave her terrible headaches for the rest of her life.

We know that Harriet married a free man John Tubman and continued to work with her father.

We know that Harriet made an arrangement with her master to be able to grow vegetables on the side of her  slave cabin that she sold for money on Sundays. (her only half day off)

We know that she was saving this money to buy her freedom from her master.

We know that before she could buy her freedom her master died  which forced her to runaway because her owner now had intentions of selling her south.

We know that She did not know what he Underground railroad was when she ran away

We know that the Underground Railroad was not a railroad. We know that it was a secret because masters wanted to keep their slaves. We know that they paid slave catchers to go after their slaves and  bring them back when they ran away.

We know that the Underground railroad was a series of routes going north that led to freedom. That people called conductors guided slaves to freedom from station to station. Stations were stops on the railroad that were really safe houses where slaves could hide until it was safe to travel north

We know that Harriet Ran Away with her brothers who got scared and went back but Harriet went on to freedom in Pennsylvania

We know that Harriet met Thomas Garett a wealthy man who was an abolitionist and had been helping slaves escape for many years.

We know that Harriet met William Still a station master  in Philadelphia who helped runaway slaves find work and places to live in the north. We also know that in secret William Still kept records of all the slave that went through his office which is why we know so much about  the Underground Railroad

We know that Harriet was not Happy being  free with out her family and decided to go back and be a conductor on the Underground Railroad.

We know that Harriet went back many times often disguised as an old women or man and led slaves on the path to freedom in the North

We know that this was very dangerous and a story about a new “moses” who was leading their people to freedom like the story in the bible  was being told.

We know that there was a large reward over 40,000 dollars to any one who could capture moses.

We know that Harriet was fearless and very successful and led over 300 people to freedom.

We know that she even got her aged parents out of slavery.

We know that Harriet was willing to go ride with John Brown the violent Abolitionist who planned on stealing guns from the Government  and giving them to slaves so they could be free.  But thankfully she got one of sleeping spell so she did not go on the raid which was good because most of them ended up shot and the rest were put to death.

We know that when Civil war broke Harriet was a spy and a nurse for the North.

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