How would Life in U.S. be Different ?

Below is a simplified version of what the Bill of Rights means 1 through 5US-Constitution.

Out of the first five amendments pick one and tell me in no less than 6 sentences how you life would be different. Write in complete Sentences.
The First Five:


Simplified United States Bill of Rights*

This amendment guarantees the right of freedom from establishment of religion, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of association, freedom for people to get together peacefully, and freedom for people to send petitions to their government.

This amendment states that in order to have a prepared military, people are guaranteed the right to keep and bear arms.

This amendment states that the government cannot force people to house and feed soldiers in their homes during times of peace.

This amendment states that people, their homes or their belongings are protected from unreasonable searches or seizures. Warrants may not be issued except upon probable cause, and must specifically describe the place to be searched and the person or thing to be seized.

This amendment guarantees a person accused of a serious crime the right to be charged by a grand jury. Persons cannot be forced to give evidence against themselves. If a person is found not guilty of a crime, he/she cannot be put on trial for the same crime again. The federal government cannot unfairly take people’s’ lives, freedom or property. The government must pay a person for any property it takes for public use.


Choose one Amendment read it. Tell me what rights this gives the citizens of US and how life would be different, (perhaps what could go wrong if this was not a right guaranteed by the Constitution.

Remember Use an introductory Sentence Like.  develop your idea and use evidence from the readings, class, movies to make your point.

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