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Gorongosa National Park

Go to the link here and Explore


What events led  to Gorongosa park losing most of it’s wildlife?

Tell what happened.

Using what we have learned about Keystone

Flowcabulary the week in review choose one of the Stories

Choose one of the stories from the week in review. Here are the links: Write a paragraph summarizing the Article or video. Use the 5 questions as a guideline Tell me  what happened?  Who it happened to? Why did it happen?, Where did it happen,  and How  did it happen? If applicable tell what you think will happen next or give your state your opinion?

NSA Leaks by Ed Snowden caused by lack of security software updates?

 Two Large Sea Serpents Found  dead on West Coast

1.8 million year old Hominid Skull found, may change they way we see evolution

15% of America’s Youth is not in School and not employed

Health Care Exchange not  working


Lasers in the Eyes of Pilots, FBI is on it

Mr. Mac’s and Ms. Dimeo’s class

Today we are taking a look at the week in review on Flowcabulary. Let’s listen to the events and discuss what has happened researching one event on your own computers. Also as this is Columbus Day, let ‘s look at their rap about who really discovered America.

Take your Test here

Take your Test here

 The Annual Halloween Story contest is Back….pumpkin-icon-1

All you writers get out your pens, hit the keyboards and write…..


A one page typewritten story, or poem about the scariest day of the year, No not state test Day.

    We mean Halloween. 

Story/Poem can be scary, thoughtful, or funny. All stories must be original. 

Submitted no later than October 23rd to Ms Broderick. All entries will be posted on the blog and 13 lucky people will win cash prizes. 

So go ahead and write your story… hope it is not too scary …. I scare easily. Good Luck!


Roots of the Constitution :

We the People, Liberty, Justice, Equality, Representative government, Shared Power…. All ideas that figure big in the Constitution. But where did these ideas come from? In 1700 almost the entire world was ruled by a Monarchy, where kings were treated like gods and had greatest power over everyone else like a god.

Let’s look at the Constitution’s Roots,

1. The Bible, the bible speaks of justice, fairness, equality and the worth of the person in god’s eyes. It lays the foundation for the idea that an ordinary citizen could be equal to a KIng.

2. Ancient Greece. Perhaps the first democracy. Ancient Greece was ruled by the people in a direct democracy. A large part of the people voted on everything. In this way the people ruled not a king of course there were some people who did not get a vote, poor people, women and slaves had no say.

3. Ancient Rome had an emperor who operated like a king but also was a Republic and was partly  ruled by an elected  senate. The Senate were a group of rich elected officials who helped the King govern.  The other group called the plebeians  were poor did not have as much power. Not everyone got to vote again woman, slaves had no voice. But here the Emperor  has to share some power with people in that Roman Senators had  a voice and could have an effect on what  a country tried to do.

4. The Magna Carter:

It was the first time that a document stated a King had to listen to the people and follow the laws of the land just like an ordinary citizen.

The English Bill of Rights created Parliament which was a group of elected citizens that would rule the country with the King with near shared power.

Mr. K, Ms. Ippolitto classes Take the Elephant Test