JFK 50 years after the Assasination

500px-John_F._Kennedy,_White_House_color_photo_portraitAs the title of this blog post states for the rest of the month we will be looking at the life of John F. Kennedy. Fifty (50) years ago on November 22nd President Kennedy was shot in Dallas Texas.  This was a major event of the 20th century this month. We will read a short article on Time for kids and Begin watching a film on the life of President  Kennedy.

Here are some of the Common Core Standards we are using

I can:

Use informtion from a historical text to understand events, compare how two or more events or idea are related.

Combine information for several texts to write or speak about a topic.

Explain events, or ideas in a historical text

Write Clear and understandable  pieces that are appropriate to my task, purpose, and audience.

Write informative text that examine a topic, making ideas and information clear.

I can formulate an opinion and defend a opinion using specific details from texts, films,.

Remember Hot Questions: a hot question goes deeper it is  a question that requires thought.

Who can tell me what  cold question is?

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