Thank you to Teddy Atlas

Every year Teddy Atlas donates Toys to our School at Christmas as well as making donations to our carnival and other events.

Today we are going to create  a personal thank you to Teddy Using Wordle and Keynote and Photobooth.

First open up keynote on your desk top. Then open up photo booth Now open up a browser and go to .

Create your wordle using some or all of these words. Remember if you want two words like your name to stay together MsBroderick you can have no spaces in the line.

Some words to use Thankyou, Fromyourname, Gift, Christmas, Thoughtful, Generous, IAppreicatemygift, Nameoftoy, Lovedit, Holiday, SantaClaus, TEDDYATLAS, KInd, Wonderful, ect..

When your wordle is finished

1Save it to your desktop as as pdf.

2Drag into keynote,

3take a picture of your self in photobooth.

4 in keynote create a circle shape.

5 Click on the shape

Drag photo of yourself in it twice

Now you are ready to print.

Create A wordle that we will printout for Teddy using

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