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Ms. Pantelli’s Class

…  did he know he wanted to be a sailor? What was Columbus dream ? What special voyage did Columbus want to make, where to ? How did he get the money for the voyage he …  What was life  on the boats like? What was the name of the three boats Columbus took with him? How did his crew feel when they were on the boat? Where was he headed? 1

Answer these Questions Ms. Dimeo’s, Ms. Ippolito’s, Ms. Dickerson’s, Mr. Mac’s



Pick a Book Ms. Malanka’s class

Ms. Dimeo’s Class

Mr. Mac.

Read Page 6 through 9 in your e-book on the desktop what is a democracyPastedGraphic-2?

Answer the following questions;

What does the term democracy mean?

Name at least 3 governments in the world besides the United States that have democracies?

Most democracy have more than one ( several (3) branches of government). Why do you think this is? Why not just one branch of government?

What is a Mammal?

We are learning about elephants. We said that the largest land mammal was the Elephant. But What is a mammal. Watch the brainpop movie and then tell me what makes some living things a Mammal.

Ms. Pantelli’s Class

Ms. Pantelli’s Class here is a site that will help you with your keyboarding skills.

Writing Contest Topic: Bullying


Bullying  is a major issue in schools at in life.

In a written piece write what you think about the problem of bullying in school.

Here are some questions to consider when writing your piece:

Why you think people choose to bully other people.

How would you personally handle it if someone bullied you?

What can teachers and students do to stop or lessen  bullying in their classrooms?

Do you think parents can help? What about counselors?

Writing should be at least 2 paragraphs, typewritten or neatly written.  All entries must be handed in by 10/10/14

There are 10, and 5 dollar prizes for the best written pieces.

Ms. Kellie’s class, ABC

Star fall

Ms. Roche’s class all about Elephants.

Elephant Movie On Brainpop

What do you know about Elephants? First blog here what you know about Elephants. Then watch the Brain Pop movie and tell me what you learned.Elephant-elephants-28788752-1024-768