Tales from a fourth Grade nothing Summary of chapters 1-3

Chapter Summary Thus far:

The Big Winner
  • Peter Hatcher is the narrator of the story.  He is 9 years old and in the 4th grade.
  • Peter wins a turtle at Jimmy Fargo’s birthday party by guessing the number of jelly beans in a jar.  Everyone else got goldfish.  He names his pet turtle Dribble.
  • Peter lives in an apartment in New York City.
  • Peter’s mom was not excited about him having a turtle as a pet.  She thinks they smell.
  • Peter’s father is in the advertising business.  He wrote a commercial for the Juicy-O Company and the family got a whole crate of Juicy-O from the president of the company.
  • Peter’s biggest problem is his two-and-a-half year old brother.  His name is Farley Drexel Hatcher, but he goes by the name of Fudge.
  • Fudge is always a pest to Peter.  The only time Peter likes him is when Fudge is sleeping.
  • Peter warns Fudge that Dribble is his turtle and he is not to ever touch Dribble.

Chapter 2

Mr. and Mrs. Juicy-O
  • Peter’s dad comes home from work and tells their family that Mr. and Mrs. Yarby are going to stay with them
  • Everybody wants them to stay at a hotel but their dad thought they would be more comfortable.
  • Fudge ate two of his mom’s flowers.
  • Mr and Mrs. Yarby arrive.
  • Mrs. Yarby gives Peter a picture dictionary and she gives Fudge a train.
  • Fudge brings in Peter’s old picture dictionary.
  • During dinner Fudge brings out dribble.
  • Fudge comes out with a gorilla mask on during dessert.
  • Fudge puts stamps on the Yarby’s suitcase.
  • In the morning the Yarby’s leave and Peter’s dad loses his Juicy-o account.
  • Chapter 3

    The Family Dog

    • Peter’s dad got fired from the Juicy-O company
    • Peter learns to stand on his head
    • Fudge stopped eating
    • Peter’s mom worries about fudge not eating
    • Peter stands on his head and Fudge eats
    • Fudge starts acting like a dog at dinner,he eats under the table and says WOOF
    • Dad got mad at Fudge for not eating
    • Dad put Fudge in the bath tub and said ” Eat it or Wear it” and dumped the cereal on Fudge
    • Now Fudge’s favorite saying is ” Eat it or Wear it” 

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