Ms. Roche’s & Ms. Saroya’s Class

Massachusetts-ColonyOn Wednesday we began to look at the Pilgrims. or the Separatists and the first thanksgiving, What we know so far.

The Pilgrims  lived in England

They did not want to go to the Kings Church. james-i

King James said he would put them in prison if they did not go to his Church.

So they left and went to Holland in 1608.mf_map_departure

In 1620 they decided to go the New World. They bought a ship called the speedwell. It was not big enough so they bought another boat the Mayflower. The Speedwell sprung a leak so all 102 passengers had to crowd on to the Mayflower.

They boarded the Mayflower and started the 66 day Voyage to the New World.

cut-away-mayflower-shipThe Voyage was long and hard. Weather was very stormy . Many passengers got sick from the terrible waves, and crowded conditions.

Finally the main beam broke and they thought they would have to turn back, but they were able to fix it using a jackmYea-OVlqGv_uGxH-hM2p2w  made to lift house. It worked so they continued the Journey. Finally after 66 days they reached land. Many of the passengers were sick and could not stand. The ones who could went ashore and explored the land. It was winter time. They did not know the land and it was cold. They had no house to take shelter in.Things looked bleak for the Pilgrims survival.

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  1. Joh

    the MAYFLOWER COMPACT THE PLGRIMS wanted to make there own rules and they didm’t want a king

    November 26, 2014 at 1:43 pm

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